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Reduce churn using timed, individualized promotions with Talon.One


Customer acquisition is one of the biggest marketing costs that brands take on. Once you’ve invested in bringing in a new user, it’s therefore critical to keep them engaged–acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

A great way to protect customer relationships is to proactively identify churn risk and reach at-risk customers with individualised offers.

This use case will walk through how you can use mParticle and market-leading promotion engine Talon.One to deliver personalized coupons and loyalty bonuses to target customers.

Step 1: Identify customers at risk of churning in mParticle

The first step to surfacing customers at risk of churning is establishing which customer behaviors suggest churn risk. For example, if you’re using RFM Segmentation (recency, frequency, and/or monetary value segmentation) to identify churn risk, you may define that customers are at risk of churning if they have not logged into your product in the last 30 days. Using mParticle’s Calculated Attributes, you can create user-level attributes that compute the number of times that a user has logged into the platform in the last 30 days. Next, you can use mParticle’s Audience Builder to create a segment of users for which the number of times a user has logged into the platform in the last 30 days is equal to 0. You can define this segment further by filtering for any additional data points on the mParticle customer profile, such as geo/region, device, consent preference, and more. Once an mParticle Audience is built, it will stay up-to-date dynamically and can be connected to multiple downstream tools.

Step 2: Connect your audience to Talon.One

Next, you can use mParticle’s Talon.One Audience integration to connect your mParticle Audience to Talon.One in just a few clicks. In Talon.One, you can trigger two conditions with updates directly from mParticle: “Customer has Joined the Audience '' and “Customer has Left the Audience”. For this use case, you can set a Rule Engine campaign to run when the user joins the churn risk audience. To reward loyalty, you could also set a Rule Engine to run when the user leaves the audience.

Within the Rule Engine, create the logic for the discount offer. 

In the screenshot below, we are creating a Condition that checks if the customer has joined the Audience “TestAudience.” The effect of that action is that a coupon is created and is automatically emailed to the user.


Step 3: Activate personalized coupons using Talon.One’s Rule Engine

Whenever a user joins the audience that we defined, they will automatically receive a coupon. Coupons can be defined in their own Rule, with Conditions and Effects that are customizable. In the below screenshot, the user receives a free promotional item when the coupon is redeemed.


Coupons can be set for product bundles, a percentage discount, free shipping or any other promotional options. 

With the flexibility of mParticle’s Dynamic Audiences and Talon.One’s Rule Engine, you can create a wide variety of Audiences and deliver personalized rewards to your customers at scale.

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