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Driving post-purchase upsells and cross sells with Airship


With increased focus on strengthening customer relationships and maximizing customer lifetime value, having a process in place to drive post-purchase upsells and cross sells is important to growth.

Increasing the order value of loyal customers is also easier than generating sales from new customers–Shopify shares that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%–70%, compared to a 5%–20% probability of selling to a new customer.

This use case will break down how you can use mParticle and Airship to trigger upsell and cross sell recommendations to loyal customers at the right point of the purchase journey.

Step 1: Collect commerce events from across touchpoints

The mParticle SDK makes it simple to collect user events from throughout the purchase journey. mParticle’s commerce schema is designed to be flexible to deterministically map to all downstream applications without any additional development. All that is required to begin collecting commerce events with mParticle is to establish the product being purchased, summarize the transaction details, and log the event. Commerce events will track all user interactions with a product, such as product views, add to/remove from cart, purchases, and refunds. You can learn more about tracking commerce events with mParticle here.

Step 2: Forward customer data to Airship

Once data is being collected into mParticle and tied to deterministic customer profiles, you can begin forwarding it to Airship without any custom development using the Airship Event integration. Once the integration is connected, mParticle will send events server-side which can then be used to trigger personalized customer experiences. You can also use the Data Filter to control exactly which events and attributes are forwarded downstream to Airship.

Step 3: Build an Automation or Journey for Recent Purchasers

In Airship, use the data forwarded from mParticle to isolate customers who have made a purchase within the specific date range or who have purchased a specific type of item in the past. Airship’s Custom Event Property Segmentation then allows you segment out and target those customers to send an upsell or cross sell message on mobile channels. These messages can be singular or as a part of an Airship Journey. Journeys allow for messages to be sent in a series towards a specific goal, such as a repeat purchase, and enables orchestration of other channels like Message Center, In-App Messages, Email, and SMS. You can also visually track the campaign and message performance of your Journey and its impact on purchase goals for data-driven optimization.

Step 4: Activate Your Segment in Airship to Drive Repeat Purchases

In addition to Orchestration, messages driven from mParticle events can be dynamically personalized based on purchase properties to encourage more app opens and conversions. Data forwarded from mParticle can be combined with attributes already in Airship for an even further personalized experience.

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