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Drive user onboarding with Braze


User onboarding is one of the most critical steps of the customer journey. 

After spending resources making a user aware of your brand, the percentage of new users that successfully onboard has a huge impact on Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

One of the best ways to improve onboarding is to optimize the messaging throughout the experience. In-app messaging is a core part of the journey, but when a user leaves the app or doesn't complete all activation steps, confirmation and follow-up notifications are also effective at driving re-engagement.

That said, with user engagement data stored in multiple tools that each have their own data conventions, it can be challenging to orchestrate real-time notifications across channels such as email and push, and engage users with the right onboarding message at the right time. 

Step 1: Collect real-time user events

Before you can trigger timely contextual notifications to users that don’t complete onboarding steps, it’s important to have a centralized customer data infrastructure in place. You'll also need to collect user events in real-time so that you can reach users with the right onboarding message at the right time. You can accomplish both of these requirements by implementing mParticle across all of your organizations touchpoints to act as a single access point for all of your customer data.

Step 2: Combine cross-channel user engagement into unified profiles

The customer journey often encompasses engagements across multiple touchpoints. A user may subscribe to a newsletter on the web, download the mobile app to try a few features, then revisit the service on a tablet before converting. To successfully progress users through the customer journey, it’s important to be able to unify cross-channel engagements to single user profiles so that you can trigger experiences that are up-to-date with each user’s most-recent interactions.

Step 3: Develop granular audience segmentation in mParticle

Once you’re tracking user engagement events from across devices in mParticle, you can assess onboarding completion by focusing on certain milestone events specific to your customer journey. Once you’ve done this, you can use mParticle’s real-time audience builder to create segments of users who have yet to complete these milestones.

Step 4: Connect audience segments to Braze for real-time engagement

With granular user segments at your disposal, you can send these audiences to Braze, where you can trigger notifications when users don't complete activation steps, target users that fall off the onboarding journey with in-app, push, and email messaging, and send a variety of other contextual notifications to users that don’t complete onboarding steps. 

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