How Exinity understands message performance with Braze Feed


The recently launched Exinity trading platform is working to bring innovative digital wealth solutions to individuals that have a desire to create their own financial freedom. 

With a rapidly expanding user base across the UK, Hong Kong, South Africa, and more, the Exinity team needed to make sure that they were communicating with their customers in the right way, at the right time. Implementing and managing all of the third-party vendor code required to get a full picture of customer engagement, however, would put a huge strain on Exinity’s engineering team, who needed to dedicate as much time as possible to developing the product.

Instead, Exinity uses mParticle’s Braze Feed integration to ingest email sends, opens, clicks, in-app messages, and push notification data into mParticle. Once this data is ingested into mParticle, it is tied to existing mParticle customer profiles through a common identifier, such as email address. These mParticle customer profiles already contain behavioral events from the Exinity app, collected directly through mParticles SDKs. 

Exinity then forwards this data to Amplitude using mParticle’s Amplitude Event integration, where it is used to power analytics. Forwarding Braze campaign data to Amplitude allows Exinity to access more detailed reporting than is available in Braze alone. Additionally, analyzing campaign data in conjunction with the behavioral event data also forwarded from mParticle allows the team to report beyond defined campaign conversions without any engineering support. 

The more complete reporting made possible by this workflow has led the Exinity team to design better campaigns and create better customer experiences. Specifically, the visibility of behavioral events alongside campaign data helped the team diagnose triggered comms that weren’t firing as expected.

Alex Bowler, Associate VP of Product Analytics at Exinity, describes that “packaged feeds from experienced vendors were some of our easiest connections.” For other teams considering Feeds, he noted that it’s important to make sure that you have your external IDs aligned.

  • Data ingested
  • Braze Feed
  • Email, in-app message, and push notification metrics
  • Use case
  • Profile enrichment, event forwarding to Amplitude
  • Value gained
  • Powering unified reporting on behavioral and campaign data without any custom development

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