Data engineering

Leverage mParticle’s data quality developer tools to create, implement, and QA a data plan

mParticle makes it easy to create a robust data plan, implement it with ease, and seamlessly check incoming events to prevent bad data from making its way to downstream systems. Here, we walk through all three steps in a sample application.

Sean Ryan – August 20, 2021

How EPIX leverages mParticle to simplify data collection and unlock use cases

In this installment of the Digital Anarchist web series, Sam Dozor, VP of Engineering at mParticle, and Sacha Stanton, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at EPIX, discuss the many wins the streaming innovator has realized as a result of placing mParticle at the heart of their data infrastructure.

August 17, 2021
Building your next mobile app

Should you build your next mobile app with native tools, or a cross-platform framework?

Once upon a time, building a mobile application meant using programming languages specific to the environment where that app would live. Now, it’s not so simple. Here’s a breakdown of the options and tradeoffs that engineering and product teams need to consider when deciding whether to build their next mobile application using OS-native languages and tools or a cross-platform framework.

Sean Ryan – March 24, 2021
venmo customer story

How Venmo simplified mobile data collection

mParticle enabled Venmo to increase engineering efficiency by reducing the time and effort spent on mobile data collection for the marketing team.

June 13, 2018