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On this podcast, we speak with the people behind some of the most beloved brands in the world and learn how they’re connecting teams, data, and technology to deliver experiences that customers love.
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The 2022 Connected Awards

We're excited to announce the inaugural Connected Awards, created to recognize the top 20 customer data innovators who are pushing the boundaries of customer experience forward.

Connected by mParticle

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Abhi Seeth

About your host, Abhi Seeth

Abhi Seeth is a Senior Customer Success Manager at mParticle and the host of the Connected, by mParticle podcast. In his experience working with some of the most forward-thinking technologists in the world, Abhi has seen that beyond every great product, campaign, or customer experience is an innovator that brings together seemingly unrelated people, data, and technology to make things happen. In Connected, by mParticle, Abhi’s celebrates these innovators and shares their stories to ultimately inspire others to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. When Abhi isn’t working with customers or recording podcast episodes, he can likely be found exploring the best restaurants in New York or cheering on the Miami Heat basketball team.

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