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Drive engagement through media personalization


A leading streaming music service has found continued success with customized in-app experiences, and wanted this level of personalization to be reflected across the entire customer journey, including their ad experiences. In particular, using personalized ads to re-engage lapsed users, promote new album releases, and get users to upgrade to premium.

But this required organized data, and the streaming service's data was disorganized and siloed across various teams with no easy way to provide ad partners and regional teams with access to create cohesive experiences outside of the app.

The marketing team spent countless hours submitting queries and manually pulling and updating static target  lists for their ad partners and regional team. In addition, static lists were unable to keep up with real-time customer movement, which led to customers receiving irrelevant ads and the streaming service to pay for ineffective media.


With mParticle, they were able to streamline valuable customer data collection from their mobile app and to provide access to the entire marketing organization including performance, artist, conversion, and regional marketing teams as well as their ad agency partners.

Using AudienceSync, they are able to quickly segment listeners based on their music preferences and listening habits and connect those segments across 50 different advertising, marketing automation and analytics services to deliver tailored creative, messages, and offers. All without ever having to run a query, engage engineering or download and upload static lists.


  • Lower acquisition costs: They created a global suppression audience of all their active listeners and shared that across the entire marketing team and ad agencies to exclude them from being targeted by any of their user acquisition efforts. AudienceSync keeps this audience updated across all 50+ connected endpoints, adding and removing users based on active listener criteria.
  • Increase usage: They created an audience of listeners that had never tried the weekly personally curated playlist. This weekly playlist helps listeners discover new music and become more frequent users. They connected this audience to multiple ad services to deliver ads promoting listeners to check out the discover weekly playlist with deeplinks that led directly to the playlist in the app.
  • Increase conversions to premium: The streaming music service was able to create an audience of free users that had more than ten sessions within the last couple of days, then connected it to their ad services to deliver creative featuring their premium service offer. If users redeemed the offer, AudienceSync automatically removed them from the audience segment and excluded them from further ad targeting.  

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