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Help your customers unlock new use cases by seamlessly connecting enrichment data to a growing ecosystem of 250+ outbound integrations across marketing, advertising, analytics, personalization and more.

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Benefits of becoming a Data Partner

Empower clients with deeper insights

Merge high-quality signals into clients’ data pipelines with turnkey activation of enrichment data across mParticle’s Ecosystem of 160+ Event Integrations

Enable truly personalized customer experiences

Seamlessly connect enrichment data to mParticle’s ecosystem of 90+ audience integrations for granular user segmentation and personalized one-to-one targeting.

Accelerate time to value

Eliminate integration lead times for mParticle’s rapidly growing client base of direct-to-consumer brands so they can maximize ROI and unlock new use case for enrichment data.


Deeper consumer insights, connected anywhere

  • Send Enriched Data Anywhere
  • Turnkey data activation across mParticle’s Ecosystem of 150+ Event Integrations

  • Create Richer Audiences
  • Seamlessly connect enrichment data to mParticle AudienceSync granular user segmentation and targeting

  • Sync Audiences in Real-time
  • Turnkey access to mParticle’s growing Ecosystem of 80+ Audience Integrations

  • Unlock New Uses Cases
  • Enable new use cases for advertising, marketing, analytics and personalization

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