IntegrationsJuly 25, 2016

Announcing our integration with Blueshift

We’re delighted to announce our new integration with Blueshift!

We’re delighted to announce our new integration with Blueshift!

BlueShift enables B2C marketers to build customer unified profiles that leverage real-time behavioral data in conjunction with historical CRM data. The platform also offers predictive capabilities for segmentation and personalization, so you can truly deliver “segment of one” marketing, at scale. Digital marketers, including retailers and content publishers, leverage the Blueshift platform to engage customers via email, mobile push notifications, SMS, display ads and Facebook pages as well as other channels via the Blueshift API.

The integration between mParticle and BlueShift enables marketers to understand which customer actions are driving engagement at a highly granular level.  By combining your mobile app data with data collected from other channels, marketers can deliver content and offers that are more relevant and more effective..

You can find more information about this exciting integration here!



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