IntegrationsJune 01, 2016

Announcing our DoubleClick campaign manager integration

We’re thrilled today to announce our new integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

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We’re thrilled today to announce our new integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

mParticle customers can now send real-time event data from their apps into Google’s DoubleClick Campaign Manager without needing to implement any additional code. This new integration allows app marketers to capture critical growth metrics like return on ad spend and lifetime value by media channel, and will help companies more intelligently guide their cross-channel media spend allocation decisions without having to leave DoubleClick’s industry-standard ad management suite.

Setup is as easy as entering one’s DoubleClick credentials into the mParticle platform, with no coding work required.

In addition to eliminating implementation complexities around the tracking of in-app conversions, the new integration also enables app marketers to measure the impact of different media and marketing channels on long-term, lifetime metrics. Lifetime value is a particularly important metric for mobile marketers seeking to understand the true value of their growth efforts, as app users can be among a company’s most profitable customers, but also potentially the most expensive to acquire.

While mobile apps offer powerful engagement opportunities, they need to be part of a healthy marketing mix. mParticle’s Google Floodlight integration assures that paid media channels can be a meaningful and measurable part of that mix.

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