AwardsAugust 20, 2021

Constellation Research names mParticle as a Top Customer Data Platform to Know on the CDP Shortlist

mParticle is excited to have been included in Constellation Research's inaugural Customer Data Platform Shortlist!

We are proud to announce that mParticle has been named by Constellation Research as a top Customer Data Platform (CDP) to Know. The Constellation Shortlist for CDPs is new this year and features nine technology vendors out of a field of 25 companies. The top CDPs were selected based on the ability to offer key requirements for early adopters pursuing solutions to unify customer data gathered from across all points of engagement, powering experiences across the entire enterprise.

Constellation Research aptly identifies that CDPs were once believed to be just a marketing tool for marketing teams, however, CDPs are a critical underpinning to an enterprise wide customer experience strategy that demands an enterprise wide view of the customer. mParticle delivers on this vision by helping brands such as NBCUniversal, Spotify and Airbnb by being their customer data infrastructure. 

The specific criteria Constellation evaluated for inclusion in the shortlist includes:

  • Integrations with marketing, sales, service, and increasingly, ERP solutions 
  • Integrations with data warehouse tools
  • Persistent aggregation and ingestion of structured and unstructured data
  • Security and compliance controls
  • Data ingestion and data matching capabilities to manage structured and unstructured data as well as internal and external connectors
  • Scalable beyond a single function or data silo
  • Robust reporting and analytics (engagement, revenue impact, attribution, and ROI tracking)
  • Omnichannel customer identity resolution and user permission controls
  • Powerful audience and customer segmentation

“The ShortList™ is the first place business and technology leaders go for vendor selection, based on the collective view of Constellation’s clients, partners, and analysts who are on the front lines of understanding the technology landscape,” noted R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research. “Our analysts know that vendor selection is more of an art than a science and that the listed vendors all play a special role by industry, geography, and size of company. We know these are tough decisions and we hope this helps buyers get a head start. For those who want a detailed analysis, we are there to help with short advisory calls."

Constellation further defines a CDP as a centralized hub of structured and unstructured data about, and in service of, the customer. According to the report, CDPs aggregate and harmonize data from a broad variety of sources, largely without manual intervention, to create a unified customer profile purpose-built for contextual engagement. Furthermore, tools like mParticle ingest and unify customer data but also create, manage and continually enhance customer and audience segments central to effective personalized campaigns. 

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