IntegrationsJuly 07, 2016

Announcing mParticle’s Google AMP Integration

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative spearheaded by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) designed to dramatically improve content consumption and user experience on mobile screens. According to the project’s PM, the impact has been massive, improving median load time by 31x – from 22 seconds down to a mere 0.7 seconds.

We’re excited to announce that mParticle now supports AMP and their mobile-first approach to web publishing.

In today’s digital world, media companies struggle to serve two masters; their audience and their advertisers. Much has been written about how today’s mobile content experience, in over-servicing the advertiser, has become extremely annoying to audiences for many reasons, not the least of which is that it overly taxes them in the form of time spent waiting for pages to load and excessive data charges from carriers.

AMP is an important step toward restoring balance in the media industry. Its goal is to get content to load faster through a number of optimizations including asynchronous scripts, streamlining code paths, and standardized asset sizes. AMP also has limited the number of approved tracking partners in the name of speed and efficiency.

Importantly, the AMP Project hasn’t done away with third-party data integrations entirely. The people behind AMP at Google (and elsewhere) fully understand that capturing audience data through proven, reputable third-party services are the key to personalization and monetization. Its solution is to allow publishers to measure and engage users appropriately utilizing data partners who can offer lightweight javascript calls and ensure that excess tracking partners aren’t degrading the user experience.

Through the mParticle integration, mobile publishers using “AMP HTML” can now connect their data to more than 100 different analytics and marketing tools or data warehouses such as RedShift or BigQuery without any additional tagging required. This provides publishers with the best of both worlds; a great user-experience without sacrificing the analytics, growth or monetization capabilities mobile publishers need to run their businesses.

We encourage anyone using AMP to try out mParticle to get control over their data both within AMP and across platforms (standard HTML, AMP HTML, Native iOS, and Android).

The integration will be live as of the next AMP release. Full details on the integration are available on our Docs site at: Or contact us to learn more!

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