mPulse Developer Digest January 2023

January 10th, 2023
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Happy New Year! Here we are in January, the Monday of months, looking out at all of the potential that 2023 has to offer. This is the time of year when we like to lay out our plans and aspirations for Earth’s next trip around the sun. As we all know, however, the world has a habit of keeping us on our toes (recent examples include 2022, 2021, and especially 2020). 

Plans are wonderful, don’t get us wrong––we’re especially big on them when it comes to customer data. But when plans are inflexible, they can quickly go from being a helpful guide to a restrictive trap. So in 2023, let’s prioritize building adaptability and flexibility into the fabric of our teams, workflows, and lives in general. By doing this, we can have a lot more confidence when we come up against the one thing we’re certain to encounter in 2023: change. 

On the topic of flexibility, let’s revisit some articles focused on ways in which data teams can stay flexible in the face of constant change:
How to assemble a cross-functional data quality team
Data quality is one of the biggest factors that determines a company's ability to quickly and confidently shift gears when business goals change. This article outlines tangible steps for developing a team of cross-functional stakeholders dedicated to establishing and maintaining data quality.
Meet mParticle IDSync: The flexible identity framework you didn't know you needed
When it comes to resolving cross-channel user events to a single profile, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This article details how mParticle IDSync helps data stakeholders control how profiles are unified based on their specific needs.
Enhancements to mParticle's developer tools make it easier to collect data and ensure quality at the source
Data plans are always subject to change. If engineers don’t have robust tools to translate updates to the schema into data collection code, they could be in for a lot of error-prone manual implementation. This article explores various mParticle developer tools that help engineers eliminate this hassle and any potential threat to data quality.
What is data chaos? And how to solve it
As the complexity of your data landscape increases, unpredictable changes make it difficult to execute your customer data strategy at scale. To navigate this state of data chaos, it’s important to put tools and processes in place that allow you to adapt to internal and external changes.
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Other articles from around the web that we found interesting this month:
There is no right way to build a data team, by Anna Filippova
W is for Warehouse, by Madison Schott
Status Page for Data Projects -- We All Need One, by Xiaoxu Gao 
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