mPulse Developer Digest June 2022

June 8, 2022 
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New Reads
Take mParticle for a spin with our new Free Trial and Growth Tier
How we reduced Standard Audience calculation time by 80%
The engineer's guide to working with marketers
How Chief Data Architect Harveer Singh is leading Western Union’s digital transformation
Support Google Enhanced Conversions with mParticle
mParticle documentation website now contains a glossary!
Things we found interesting this month
Unbundling the CDP: Are we there yet?
The existential threat of data quality (and why the modern data stack can't solve it)
A re-examination of the "Data Consumer"
A hands-on introduction to CDPs with mParticle’s Web, Android, and iOS sample apps
Join us on June 16, 2022 to learn how mParticle’s out of the box features and adaptable platform can solve SDK fatigue, reduce bloatware, and save development time all while satisfying data stakeholders. We will be hosting multiple sessions - choose a time that works best for you!
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