mPulse Developer Digest October 2022

October 12th, 2022 
Welcome to the Pumpkin Spice Edition of mPulse Developer Digest! It is now fall, and we hope that the harvest season is as thrilling to you as it is to Mr. Autumn Man. There were a few developments in our world this month that we think you might enjoy reading about over some roasted butternut squash soup.
New mParticle Feature: Event Connection Health delivers enhanced visibility, control, and adaptability for developers
Event Connection Health is an enhancement to the System Alerts dashboard in mParticle that allows engineers to evaluate their data connections at a glance, and troubleshoot issues quickly and easily without having to speak to an mParticle employee.
Connected, by mParticle Episode 9: Hospitality & Tech with Phil Crawford of CKE Restaurants
In this episode of Connected, Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer of CKE Restaurants, discusses how he and his team tackled the age-old build-versus-buy conundrum when they set out to implement a scalable, sustainable data foundation for their brand. 
Also, you know what’s really spooky? Data breaches. Preventing this spine tingling scenario was another theme in our product announcements and content this past month, just in time for Halloween.  
mParticle’s security posture protects client data from ever-evolving threats
When you’re in the business of data, you’re in the business of data security. That’s why we have a best-in-class security posture that allows us to detect threats, prevent attacks, and keep client data safe. 
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Other items from the intertubes we found interesting this month:
CDP vs Reverse ETL with Jacques from Cybersmart
Organizations need to deliberately create data, by Yali Sassoon
How Does Growth Engineering Intersect With Modern Data Stack? by Vladyslav Hrytsenko
Forward customer data to Snowflake for analysis and storage
By collecting and unifying customer data with a CDP, then forwarding your events and profiles to a Data Warehouse for analysis and long term storage, you can take advantage of the unique capabilities that both of these tools offer. In this tutorial, you will learn how to collect eCommerce customer data with mParticle, forward this data from mParticle to Snowflake, then query the data in Snowflake to retrieve targeted customer segments.
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