Simplify your data pipeline with mParticle

  • Ingest data from across sources

  • Access a single view of the customer, control identity resolution

  • Build dynamic Audience segments

  • Connect data to your favorite ad tech and martech tools with packaged integrations

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Collect data from third-party systems

Ingest customer data into mParticle from client-side data collection tools and back-end systems with Feed integrations and S2S API. Prep data with identity resolution, audience segmentation, and more before forwarding to ad tech and martech systems for activation.

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Build profiles around a universal ID

Unify data collected from across channels to persistent customer profiles with IDSync. Access profiles for both anonymous and known users, and control how profiles are merged upon a conversion event with Aliasing. Simplify data governance, and forward identities to your favorite ad tech and martech tools for a single view of the customer throughout your tech stack.

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Streamline your Audience segmentation

Define Audience segments in mParticle once and connect them to multiple ad tech and martech tools for activation. Build Real-Time Audiences, which are updated dynamically as data is collected into mParticle, or Standard Audiences, which are based on long-term historical data.

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Focus on product, not data

mParticle relieves engineering teams of endless data shipping cycles, and allows developers to spend more time on features and functionality rather than the company’s data needs. With actionable data and persistent, unified customer profiles in hand, non-technical data stakeholders no longer need engineering support for one-off projects and manual queries.

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