WebinarsOctober 19, 2018

How customer-obsessed brands manage their data differently from everyone else

In this on-demand webinar, hear mParticle's CMO and Head of Solutions Engineering as they share how top B2C brands use data differently than everyone else.

For most companies, customer satisfaction has flatlined; for as many as 30% it’s declining. More than half of CMOs aren’t able to measure ROI across channels. 80% of companies will fail to meet the data protection standards set forth by GDPR. These are all symptoms of a deeper problem: companies’ customer data strategies and operations haven’t kept up with the customers’ journeys, or their expectations.

And yet, research suggests that a small number of B2C brands — many of them mParticle customers — are able to delight customers at every interaction, measure marketing holistically, and safeguard consumer data to the highest degree. How do they succeed where others have failed?

Hosted by:

  • mParticle CMO, David Spitz
  • mParticle's Head of Solutions Engineering, Justin McManus

Watch this webinar to:

  • Get a round up of the latest research and insights on what separates the customer data strategies of customer experience leaders from laggards;
  • Learn how customer experience leaders in retail, travel, hospitality, and more developed the vision, mission, strategy, and core design principles of their approach;
  • Gain access to mParticle's library of tools to help you hone your customer data strategy, align stakeholders around key use cases, and build the proper foundations for success.

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