WebinarsJuly 12, 2023

Personalize this holiday season’s re-acquisition campaigns with real-time Audiences use cases

Make this holiday season a revenue success by getting past customers to repurchase and re-engage. Learn five ways you can use mParticle’s real-time Audiences to personalize these acquisition campaigns.

Hosted by the mParticle product team, you'll learn:

  • How to use past purchases and preferences to personalize real-time experiences
  • How to easily create “long-term” customer insights like LTV without code 
  • The best way to target lapsed or churned customers

A key way to boost customer lifetime value and maximize sales this holiday season is to get past customers to return. Easier said than done in a noisy digital environment! But with mParticle’s Real-time Audiences, marketers and personalization teams can leverage previous customer interactions to personalize this year’s acquisition campaigns, even if that customer hasn’t engaged in a long time. Learn how to activate historical customer data with Audiences, and other mParticle personalization features, to personalize experiences and grab your customers' attention this season. 

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