WebinarsApril 16, 2020

Miss the bloat: Improving mobile user experience through SDK abstraction

For many, mobile is the most important digital touchpoint and ultimately determines the user and customer experience for a product or service.

Paramount to delivering high quality mobile user experiences is having complete understanding of user behavior and personalizing experiences accordingly. Unfortunately, for most mobile teams, this requires multiple SDKs and integrations, often introducing performance-impacting bloat to apps and services that ultimately—and ironically—undermine mobile user experience.

But there’s a better way to achieve the visibility and insights needed.

Watch Jeena James, VP of Developer Products at HeadSpin, Nathan Krishnan, Head of Customer Success at HeadSpin, and Sam Dozor, Sr. Director of Engineering at mParticle, discuss how you can use HeadSpin’s performance insights and mParticle’s SDK abstraction capabilities together to:

  • Identify and eliminate performance-impacting overhead 
  • Minimize app bloat and architecture complexity
  • Collect and activate valuable app engagement data without taking time away from engineers’ core development cycles
  • Maintain visibility across your entire infrastructure

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