Deliver targeted messaging to players throughout the customer journey.

Gain greater gamer engagement and loyalty by collecting, unifying, and activating customer data.

Gaming solutions

Build reliable player profiles

From console to mobile to desktop, collect, unify and enrich your player profiles to provide the right rewards or challenges and keep them engaged with your game. Using mParticle’s Enrichment capabilities, you can add first-party data collected from digital channels with offline behaviors, sync customer profiles including behavioral and location attributes to any CRM system or data warehouse, and push personalized messaging and notifications based on player context.

Reach the right gamers

Seeking to get your players coming back repeatedly and lengthening their time of play? Today’s most successful gaming experiences create engaging and repeatable experiences based on user behavior. With mParticle’s Audience API and related Nested Audiences and Forward-Looking Audiences, you can build new player segments, or leverage existing ones, to accelerate suppression, reengagement, and high LTV targeting initiatives.

Simplify regulatory compliance

Ensure you're safeguarding data with mParticle’s built-in compliance and governance capabilities. Secure how gamer data moves through your pipeline with custom rules, conditional forwarding, and consent management

Use mParticle to seamlessly integrate with leading Gaming tools and platforms

No more cold starts

Load historical data for immediate time to value.

Vendor A/B tests

Find the right vendor and test them out with historical data.

Save engineering hours

Spend less engineering time on integrations and maintenance.

Support privacy downstream

Collect consent and forward only the right data to your tools.

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