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Reduce checkout abandonment with Airship


A lot of time and resources are spent making people aware of your brand and getting them to be interested in your products or services. The last thing you want to do is lose that hard-won audience in the checkout experience.

A great way to lift bottom-of-funnel conversions is to support the checkout experience with personalized messaging. When users leave items in their cart, for example, sending gentle reminders through push notifications or email can reduce cart abandonment.

This use case walks through how you can use mParticle and Airship to identify users that have abandoned cart and prompt them to complete checkout with personalized messaging.

Step 1: Collect commerce events from across touchpoints

The mParticle SDK makes it simple to collect user events from throughout the purchase journey. mParticle’s commerce schema is designed to be flexible to deterministically map to all downstream applications without any additional development. All that is required to begin collecting commerce events with mParticle is to establish the product being purchased, summarize the transaction details, and log the event. Commerce events will track all user interactions with a product, such as product views, add to/remove from cart, purchases, and refunds. You can learn more about tracking commerce events with mParticle here.

Step 2: Build an Audience of abandoned cart shoppers

Next, build an audience of customers who have abandoned carts. mParticle's Audience builder enables you to construct dynamic segments by querying any data point on your mParticle customer profiles. You can define an audience based on add to/remove from cart events, purchase events, and even based on calculated attributes, such as number of days since an add to cart event.

Step 3: Connect your Audience to Airship

mParticle’s Airship Audience integration enables you to connect any mParticle Audience to Airship in just a few clicks. mParticle Audiences are dynamic, and any updates to Audience memberships will be forwarded to Airship in real time. Once connected to Airship, an mParticle audience can be used to power any of Airship's engagement capabilities. Learn more about mParticle’s Airship Audience integration here.

Step 4: Activate your Audience in Airship to reduce checkout abandonment

Leverage Airship’s advanced engagement capabilities to prompt the target shopper to check out. For this use case, you can leverage Airship's Push Notifications, In-App Messages, or Message Center to send personalized promotions to customers with the product information of the items in their cart. These messages can be singular or as a part of an Airship Journey, which allows for messages to be sent in a series towards a specific goal like abandoned cart conversion and enables orchestration with other channels like Email and SMS. These messages can also drive towards an Airship powered Live Chat with a sales or service representative to answer any product or transaction questions and drive faster to purchase.

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