Data-driven personalization


Centralize your audience segmentation, re-engage customers with historical context, and distribute audience segments for real-time hyper-personalization. Create automatically updating audience segments once, share them wherever you need them and leave the manual querying and uploading behind.

mparticle audiences

What’s included?

    Audience Manager
  • Build audience segments based on historical or real-time data captured across apps, digital properties, and user activities.

    Audience connections

  • Distribute audiences to hundreds of leading marketing and advertising solutions with just a few clicks.

    Nested audiences

  • Set up commonly-used membership criteria once, then apply them across all the relevant audiences with a simple workflow.

    Audience A/B testing

  • Experiment at scale to find the most effective way to target your messaging and distribute member lists to downstream tools

    Audience sharing

  • Share audience segments created in your mParticle workspace with other brands within your organization or with partner organizations.

    Download audiences

  • Download your audiences to verify membership or send audiences lists to internal systems.

How audiences help

Give customer data context and meaning


Use all available customer data with Standard Audiences

Standard Audiences' lifetime audience segmentation provides brands with a way to review and use historical user data with an unlimited lookback window. Data spanning over days, weeks, months, seasons, or years can be used to create and re-engage highly primed audiences and improve the overall ROI of campaigns.


Re-engage customers with historical context

For media companies, Standard Audiences enable them to easily and quickly identify an audience of viewers that have watched Previous seasons of a show to engage in the time leading up to the launch of a new season. Unlimited lookback makes it easy for media marketers to target a customer for a March Madness sports package promotion if they purchased it the previous year.


Segment your customer base in real time

Real-time audiences are calculated and updated on an ongoing basis, and changes to the audiences can be forwarded to audience partners in near-real time.


Use Calculated Attributes

Create continuously updating user and event attribute calculations for deeper insight into your customers’ behavior. Insights like lifetime value, total number of orders, and number of logins, among others, can now be used to build audience segments.

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