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Improve your mobile app customer lifecycle: Using the Customlytics Marketing Master Map

There are many growth frameworks teams can use to manage the customer lifecycle. Not many, however, are designed specifically for mobile app marketing. This post walks through how you can use Customlytics's new Marketing Master Map to frame your mobile customer lifecycle.



Knowing how your users interact with your app over time is critical for developing a successful mobile strategy. The work for mobile marketers doesn’t stop after acquiring a user for their app – the journey only begins here. In marketing terms, we refer less to a marketers’ journey but to the user and its journey.

In an ideal world, people become customers of your app, have a great experience with it and continue on the journey towards being engaged and loyal users. Lifecycle marketing describes marketing efforts that are used to interact with users to help them through the stages of their lifecycle.

There are various common growth frameworks that aim to support mobile marketers with customer journey mapping to enable them to truly understand where customers are in their decision-making process and employ targeted actions.

Customlytics, a full-stack mobile technology and marketing consultancy based out of Berlin, started questioning these common growth frameworks when working with clients and realized that many fall short of adding real value. They saw that a lot of growth frameworks are too generic, not mobile-specific and not very actionable. Most are focused on acquisition and fail to cover the full customer journey. 

The Customlytics team decided to develop their very own growth framework determined to meet today’s standards of modern mobile marketing and keep customers front-of-mind.

The result is the Customlytics’ Marketing Master Map - an innovative framework for mobile growth strategies.


A sophisticated marketing strategy is the one thing. To execute, it takes more than just a framework: Data is needed to inform smart marketing decisions. The combination of data and strategy is the key to success in mobile marketing. Technology that collects the relevant data throughout the user funnel is mission-critical. A Customer Data Platform unifies relevant data from the beginning to the very end of the user journey and makes it available to non-technical stakeholders in a single platform.

Customlytics’s Marketing Master Map: A holistic view of mobile marketing

Let’s take a closer look at why this map is an innovation for mobile marketing and lifecycle marketing.

The Marketing Master Map solves complexity for mobile marketers and provides them with real answers for their growth challenges.  No more theoretical concepts but a clear, actionable blueprint to get to work.

The structure of the map is ideal to keep an overview of the mobile customer journey. The framework includes strategies, channels, departments and technologies to pursue one’s marketing objectives. 

The foundation of the Marketing Master Map is the customer journey which can be broken down into four main stages.


Access an expanded version of the Marketing Master Map here.

Based on each stage, the map elaborates on which strategies, departments, channels and technologies marketers need to consider in order to get the customer from one stage to the next. 

Companies of all sizes can apply the map at any stage of their app’s marketing lifecycle. It’s important, however, to know that the importance of each element of the map can differ depending on a specific business and its marketing objectives.

We have been talking about the app marketing lifecycle - but what does it actually look like? Customlytics provides the following simple graphic:


The App Marketing lifecycle helps mobile marketers to understand what data needs to be collected at what time. The Marketing Master Map on the other hand, has a dedicated section with listed technologies that support data collection throughout the customer journey. To the core technologies that companies need through the entire marketing lifecycle belongs the Customer Data Platform.

In part two of this series, we discuss how a Customer Data Platform like mParticle helps you increase efficiency throughout your app marketing lifecycle.

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