How Drybar reduces churn with Somi Custom Feed

With 92 locations across the world (and counting), premium hair care company Drybar services a tremendously diverse customer base. From customers that come in for one-off treatments, to single and double subscription members, the Drybar team needs to be able to send the right offers to the right customers in order to boost retention and loyalty. Doing so requires access to rich customer profiles, and the ability to activate those profiles across multiple different channels.

Drybar uses an mParticle Custom Feed to ingest customer data from SomiWorks data warehouse into their mParticle workspace, sending appointment bookings (creation, completion, confirmation, cancellation, no-show), gift card purchases (purchase, redeem, refill) membership signups (subscription, redemption, cancellation) and product purchases to mParticle. Once collected into mParticle, this data is tied to unified customer profiles, which also contain data collected from Drybar’s iOS and web environments.

Next, the Drybar team uses mParticle’s Audience builder to define a segment of customers that have purchased either a single or double membership in the last 30 days. This audience is forwarded to Emarsys using mParticle’s Emarsys Audience integration, where it is used to power Drybar’s welcome email experience. Additionally, Drybar also forwards data collected from iOS, web, and SomiWorks to Braze via the mParticle Braze Event integration. Once in Braze, this data is used to power membership-specific push messaging.

The ability to design personalized onboarding and messaging experiences allows Drybar to reach customers that are at risk of churn with exclusive offers, improving retention and loyalty. While this level of real-time data integration would normally require engineering to build and maintain expensive data pipelines, mParticle’s Custom Feeds enables the Drybar team to connect data from their data warehouse to downstream activation tools in just a few clicks, reducing engineering workload and accelerating the time-to-value of their customer data.

  • Data ingested
  • SomiWorks engagement data
  • Appointment bookings, gift card purchases, membership signups, product purchases
  • Use cases
  • Profile unification, audience building, audience forwarding to Emarsys, event forwarding to Braze
  • Value gained
  • Improve retention and loyalty by reaching customers that are at risk of churn with exclusive offers
  • Personalized welcome emails, membership-specific push messaging

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