How EPIX measures campaign performance with Appsflyer Feed

With a vast library of shows and films including The Godfather of Harlem, Pennyworth, and Perpetual Grace, premium television network EPIX has an intricate program of marketing programs running to make each user aware of the content that may be relevant to them. To optimize these programs over time, the EPIX team needs to understand which campaigns are resonating with their audience. The team hoped to use Appsflyer to measure campaign attribution, but were wary of the engineering workload that would be required to maintain another client-side integration.  

EPIX uses mParticle’s Appsflyer Feed integration to ingest install and attribution from their Appsflyer workspace into mParticle. Once this data is ingested into mParticle, it is transformed to match EPIX’s internal event conventions using mParticle Custom Rules, before being unified with existing mParticle customer profiles through a common identifier. These mParticle customer profiles already contain behavioral events from the EPIX apps, collected directly through mParticles SDKs. This workflow allows the team to gain a full picture of campaign attribution and behavioral data while only having to manage the mParticle SDK.

EPIX then uses mParticle’s Snowflake integration to export this data to their Snowflake instance, where it is used to power various analyses and Tableau dashboards. These dashboards allow the team to report on event data enriched with attribution data, allowing stakeholders to make more informed decisions. What’s more, EPIX is able to power this reporting without having to build and maintain a data pipeline from Appslfyer to Snowflake, saving countless engineering hours over time.

  • Data ingested
  • Appsflyer install and attribution data
  • Use cases
  • Data transformation, profile enrichment, raw data export to Snowflake
  • Value gained
  • Powering unified reporting on behavioral and attribution data without any custom development

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