mParticle ProductJanuary 05, 2022

mParticle's Changelog is here!

See all of mParticle’s product releases in one place.

mParticle’s Changelog is one central place to see all of mParticle’s product updates. 

You can access it here.

Why did we create a Changelog?

We created the Changelog to make it easy for the mParticle community to view and learn about all of the product updates we're releasing.

The Changelog will provide a centralized view of how the mParticle product is evolving on a week-to-week basis, making it easier to stay up to date with releases relevant to your needs.

What’s in the Changelog?

Customer Data Platforms sit at the nexus of a variety of services, systems, and departments. Our  product updates, therefore, span a wide range of ecosystem partners and privacy regulations, as well as the platform itself.

To make navigating the Changelog simpler, we’ve categorized our product updates into 4 categories: 

  1. Platform
  2. Privacy
  3. Integration
  4. SDK

For example, let’s say we release a new integration with an A/B testing platform. That would be categorized under, you guessed it, Integration. 

A change made to the platform itself that doesn’t directly impact an Integration would be categorized under Platform. Calculated Attributes’ move to General Availability is categorized under Platform. 

We’ve also made categories to describe the kind of change. Currently, these categories are Major Release, Update, Fix, or Beta.

Inside the Changelog, you can click on multiple category checkboxes to find the exact update you’re looking for. 

We’ve tagged every product release with at least two categories. For example, New Sources for Braze Events Integration is tagged as Integration and Update.

What should you do with the Changelog?

Bookmark it!

The mParticle product is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and partners, and there’s no slowing down in 2022. 

The Changelog contains a detailed post for all major announcements. You can also find a summary list of major and minor changes at

Thanks for reading and visit our Changelog for the latest updates.

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