How EPIX understands cross-channel engagement with Braze Feed

Premium television network EPIX engages with their users through a number of channels, such as mobile app, OTT, push, email, and more. Although this does provide the opportunity to reach their audience in each customers’ preferred channel, the inability to unify cross-channel data to a single profile can make it difficult to gain a complete view of how customers are engaging.

EPIX uses mParticle’s Braze Feed integration to forward email and push notification delivery metrics (sends, opens, and clicks) from Braze to mParticle. Once this data is ingested into mParticle, it is tied to existing mParticle customer profiles through a common identifier, such as email address. These mParticle customer profiles already contain behavioral events from the EPIX apps, collected directly through mParticles SDKs. 

EPIX then uses mParticle’s Snowflake integration to export this data to their Snowflake instance, where it is used to power various analyses and Tableau dashboards. Being able to unify in-app behavioral events with email and push delivery metrics allows the EPIX team to build rich, cross-channel customer profiles without having to do any development work. Forwarding this data downstream to Snowflake with mParticle’s raw data export capabilities allows the business to access more complete analytics reporting without having to enlist engineering to build and maintain a data pipeline from Braze to Snowflake.

  • Data ingested
  • Braze delivery metrics
  • Sends, opens, clicks
  • Use cases
  • Identity resolution, raw data export to Snowflake
  • Value gained
  • Unified reporting on in-app behavior events and messaging events without any development

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