Build your mobile growth stack


Build your mobile growth stack

Foster mobile growth with a stack that collects, integrates, and activates your mobile, web, and app data

new crm


The new consumer marketing: It’s personal.

In today’s connected era, people expect brands to deliver contextual experiences, the moment they need them. Learn more about Customer Data Platforms and why many are calling them the new CRM.


How top brands create "wow" moments with data

Watch mParticle CMO David Spitz's keynote at MAU 2018 on the future of customer experience in a connected age, and why some brands succeed where most currently fail.


5 Essential components of the mobile marketing stack

Prolific’s Al Harnisch on how mobile-first brands should think about their growth stacks.


The critical components of a customer data layer

Learn how forward-thinking brands are breaking down the data silos, why not all data platforms are created equal and the 5 defining characteristics of modern, API-led customer data infrastructure.

How to avoid the SDK tax


How to avoid the SDK tax

SDKs have made it simpler for companies to connect their customer data across analytics, marketing, and BI tools, but it often comes at the price of increased dependencies and can affect end-user experience. Learn how using a single-point API can save you from this fate.

Best practices for deploying a mobile messaging platform


How to assemble a best in class tech stack

How to implement a best in class stack...the right way