EngineeringAugust 01, 2018

How Bleacher Report automates their data pipeline

Learn how the team at Bleacher Report uses mParticle to automate their data pipeline, leading to better insight, reduced storage costs, and less engineering time spent on non-core development.

Streamline the process of getting data in and out of leading data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, and more. mParticle manages the provisioning,  ETL, and standardization of data across disparate sources, so analytics teams can spend more time on data analysis and less on data engineering.


Bleacher Report was looking to gain more insight into their customer base and answer questions like: how people are using their app, how people find their app, and what features their users like and don’t like. But getting all of their customer data from iOS, Android, and mobile web loaded into their data warehouse would require their engineers to spend countless hours building a custom data pipeline.


With mParticle, the team at Bleacher Report was able to:

  • Onboard all customer data from iOS, Android, mobile web, and their attribution providers to Redshift with mParticle handling the ETL hosting
  • Stream real-time customer data to Redshift, while also sending data to Looker and their internal data warehouse
  • Replay historical data from Redshift if there was a service outage


  • Better insight: Redshift allowed Bleacher Report to run complex queries for advanced analytics
  • Saved engineering hours: mParticle handled the ETL process and provided instant access to other leading BI and data warehouse services
  • Reduce storage costs: mParticle de-dupes and cleanses data before it’s sent to Redshift, reducing the data volume and associated costs

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