mParticle ProductOctober 03, 2017

Run location-based mobile advertising and marketing campaigns with Gimbal and mParticle

mParticle users can forward real-time mobile location, app session, and push notification data to the Gimbal platform without installing an additional SDK.

Gimbal is a marketing and advertising automation platform powered by physical-world data, including mobile location. They enable brands, media agencies, and marketers to generate hyper-accurate location data through geofencing and proprietary beacons that are linked to apps in more than 35 million mobile devices. Gimbal’s customer can then use this data to power relevant advertising and marketing campaigns and attribute their spend via actions in the physical world.

mParticle, the customer data platform for every screen, enables sophisticated marketers at companies including Venmo, Starwood, NBC Universal, Spotify, and Airbnb to integrate and orchestrate their entire growth stack. This allows them to create a unified view of the customer, then easily forward data to their partners to deliver personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.

With this integration mParticle customers can forward real-time mobile location data, like long/lat coordinates, app session start and end times, and push notification registrations directly to Gimbal’s platform without having to install an additional SDK. Customers can then use this data to execute location-based mobile advertising and marketing campaigns via Gimbal’s campaign management console. For example:

  • Retargeting: Use geofences to determine if a user is within close proximity of your out-of home billboard and retarget them with a mobile ad
  • Attribution: Use beacons to determine if a store visit can be attributed to ad exposure
  • Insights: Learn which locations your customers visit and at what times by analyzing their movement patterns

Enabling this integration through the mParticle platform is fast, easy, and reliable allowing marketers to quickly action their data to deliver relevant ads based on a customer’s location.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login into the mParticle platform
  2. Navigate to the Partner Directory and select the Gimbal tile
  3. Click “+Add Gimbal to Set Up”
  4. Enter your Gimbal API key

After completing these steps, Gimbal is ready to receive real-time mobile location data from mParticle, and any sources that are feeding data to it.

Get started with Gimbal and mParticle today!

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