mParticle ProductOctober 26, 2017

Transform conversations into conversions with Instabot and mParticle

mParticle customers can now add Instabot to their website or mobile app with minimal engineering effort and begin engaging directly with users.

Chatbots provide a unique opportunity for brands to build stronger customer relationships through streamlined (highly mobile-friendly), personalized communication. By leveraging rule-based logic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, chatbots can instantly communicate with customers to offer relevant information and support, giving brands a new way to engage in real time and move them along the journey to conversion.

Instabot is a leading platform for creating customized chatbots that can be launched on existing mobile apps, websites, and in email. To enable customers to unlock the power of chatbots, mParticle has developed an integration with Instabot. Now, customers can use data streamed from mParticle to trigger chats with customers at the right moments to:

  • Increase conversions: For example, if customers are lingering on the checkout screen in your mobile app for more than 30 seconds, mParticle will stream that data to Instabot in real-time. Based on the rules configured, Instabot will trigger a chat to provide customers with more product information on items in their shopping cart, shipping information, or even special offers to encourage them to complete the purchase.
  • Improve onboarding: When customers first download a news app, they should select the type of articles they want to see in order to get the best app experience. To help customers create a personalized experience, mParticle will stream app install and session data to Instabot, which starts a chat with the customers, asking them a series of questions to gather their content preferences and effectively onboard them onto the app.
  • Improve the customer experience: When customers have submitted a help ticket or recently contacted customer support, mParticle will send that data to Instabot. Instabot then follows up with the customers to ask about their support experience and deliver a survey with questions personalized to the type of support they received to gather feedback.

Enabling this integration through the mParticle platform is fast, easy, and reliable, so you can begin using chatbots to engage directly with your customers in real-time and improve the customer experience while increasing conversions.

Get started with Instabot and mParticle today!

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