Press ReleasesMarch 09, 2020

Extraordinary times: COVID-19

Being "enterprise-ready" has been central to our commitment to each of our customers since mParticle's inception; this means being prepared in extraordinary times and reducing the number of unknown unknowns through the implementation of key policies, such as disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

In response to COVID-19, mParticle has rolled out a formal response plan to ensure reliability and security—without any disruption—for all our customers, while protecting the health and safety of our employees.

As new information becomes available, we will continue to strive to strike a balance between ensuring our company and employees’ well-being with our responsibilities to our local communities. Our top priority is ensuring the safety and welfare of our employees and their families and ensuring continuity for new and existing customers. As the true impact continues to unfold, we will continue to take measures to protect the interests of our employees, clients, and partners alike.

Our platform was designed with the following principles around customer value from inception:

1.      Improve data quality and accessibility; eliminating friction and ambiguity.

2.      Data is a team sport; unifying systems, data sets, and stakeholders.

3.      Create the future through better controls; mitigating our customers’ risk through future-proofing.

Our commitment to our customers

Reliability is built upon resilience, both in terms of processes and systems. Over the past number of weeks, we have adapted our core communication protocols—as well as the systems used across the organization—to prevent any potential disruption for our customers and maintain the quality of our services throughout any extended timeframe.

We're supporting all employees, regardless of function, seniority, or geography, to securely work remotely. While we have not yet instituted a mandatory work from home policy, we are continually evaluating new information and will update our policy accordingly. As of last week, all employees have been encouraged to work from wherever they feel most comfortable and have been instructed to limit non-essential work-related travel. 

We have several platform features that allow our teams to collaborate with our customers remotely, and we are continuing to enhance these features to provide the best possible experience to our customers. Our offices will remain open until further notice for any and all employees, but all external meetings, including interviews, will be reassigned to virtual meetings or locations outside the office. Our goal is that all employees will be able to continue to support our customers remotely without any disruption to quality or availability.   

Both backend and customer-facing teams will continue to use productivity tools, like Zoom and Google chat, for video conferencing, as well as Slack for internal and external communication. All teams will be required to have assigned backup coverage across geographies to further safeguard our customer experience. In any case, we are prepared, as an organization, to continue investing in tools, and processes that make collaboration seamless and secure.

As mParticle connects data and systems for some of the largest brands across the globe, our architecture was designed to be fault-tolerant, and resilient from Day 1, to ensure reliability and protect against downtime and data loss. Our standard SLA provides these customers with  99.995% availability across multiple data centers across the globe. We have been testing and refining our Business Continuity Plan to ensure all employees have secure access to all systems remotely.

Safety and well-being of our employees

As we wrote about last summer when we overhauled our Cultural Operating System, we wanted to make mParticle a place where we would be proud if any of our children, parents, or loved ones applied for a job here. In times like these, there is nothing more important than the health of our employees, customers, and partners and we have, in turn, taken immediate action. We have implemented several safety measures including, but not limited to:

  • Implementing a flexible remote working policy
  • Limiting non-essential air travel and public transit.
  • Providing each employee with sanitization and sterilization supplies at their desk.
  • Reassigning external meetings to virtual meetings
  • Suspending investment in new marketing events.
  • Mandatory two-week home quarantining for any employee who has traveled to a Level 1 or higher zone 

The magnitude of the responsibility given to us by our customers is something we do not take lightly. We have invested in a secure architecture, which has allowed us to never have a data breach, while ensuring dial tone reliability during the most heavily trafficked times throughout the year. Our policies were created to protect our customers’ interests in both normal and extraordinary times, through protecting mParticle’s key operations and critical business functions. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions about any of the specifics.

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