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mParticle Introduces Data Privacy and Control Features to Help Brands Comply with iOS 14.5 Apple App Tracking Transparency Requirements

First CDP to Provide Granular Data Privacy and Governance Controls for Apple ATT

New York, July 28, 2021 - mParticle, the largest independent Customer Data Platform, today announced a series of new features to help companies comply with data privacy rules and regulations, including the latest Apple iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency (ATT) requirements. Growing privacy restrictions in Apple's recent iOS 14.5 release, which includes the ATT framework, are designed to address privacy concerns and help users understand and control how their data is being tracked and used. These changes, however, bring new challenges to brands and vendors that leverage customer data to power personalized experiences. mParticle is the first CDP to help customers enforce granular privacy controls in compliance with iOS 14.5 privacy guidelines.

“Data privacy and governance are critical requirements for brands to address in their data strategy,” said Chee Chew, Chief Product Officer, mParticle. “mParticle’s speed to address the ATT framework for iOS 14.5 reflects our ongoing commitment to be the leader in enabling businesses to comply with rapidly changing platform and regulatory privacy requirements.”

mParticle is introducing a series of features designed to help companies comply with Apple ATT and foster trust with their customers. These features extend mParticle’s existing data governance capabilities which already support the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Privacy Protection Act (CPPA). The privacy features were developed to support the increased granularity of choices consumers want to see when their data is being used by brands.

Features include: 

  • IDFA Data Minimization: mParticle allows data sent into and out of its platform to be controlled by the customer. Starting in version 8.0 of mParticle’s Apple SDK, mParticle’s platform no longer collects Apple’s Identity for Advertisers (IDFA) by default. App developers can still manually choose to provide the IDFA.
  • Record ATT Consent Status: mParticle acts as a system of record for ATT consent decisions associated with each Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV). This includes the ATT consent status as well as the timestamp of the response. mParticle also federates ATT status with downstream partners.
  • Configure a Default ATT Status:  mParticle provides the ability to select a default authorization status via the ATT Default setting available in the platform. This is particularly helpful for existing profiles previously sent to mParticle that have not visited a brand’s app since the iOS 14.5 release. This can also be used if Apple device data received from additional data sources have not provided an authorization status. 
  • Check a User’s ATT Status: At any time, mParticle admins can check a user’s authorization status to validate if the status was explicitly set by the end user or defaulted to by the ATT Default setting. 
  • Restrict IDFA Forwarding: ATT status is used to govern whether or not IDFA data that has been collected on a user will be forwarded to 3rd-party integration partners. mParticle will only add IDFA data to incoming event batches using a profile enrichment feature if ATT status is authorized. The Audiences feature, designed to help marketers define and build user segments and connect them to integrations for user acquisition and retargeting, will not forward IDFA data unless the ATT status is authorized.
  • Notification of API Changes: mParticle notifies customers' privacy teams when partners change their APIs in line with mParticle’s role as data processor under the GDPR and service provider under the CCPA/CPRA.

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