Media CoverageJanuary 31, 2019

mParticle launches Data Master to help users improve data quality

In this post, Destination CRM notes the launch of mParticle's Data Master, which is intended to help users audit their respective data pipeline.

mParticle, provider of a customer data platform (CDP), has launched Data Master as part of its core platform offering. With Data Master, companies now have granular visibility and control into how their data flows in and out of mParticle and can establish a unified data strategy based on clean, consistent data.

With Data Master, engineering and product teams can audit the data pipeline to identify and resolve issues. Users also gain a full understanding of the data being used due to event-specific contextual details available in Data Master.

"Ensuring both the integrity and availability of our customers' data is our number one job," said Andrew Katz, chief technology officer and co-founder of mParticle, in a statement. "Delivering greater transparency and control along the entire data pipeline has been core to our mission since day one, and this is just the first of many platform improvements coming in 2019."

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