mPulse Developer Digest December 2022

December 13th, 2022
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Well folks, we’ve made it to the end of 2022. Maybe (hopefully!) your workload is starting to lighten as the holidays approach, and you’re getting to spend some time with friends and family. If you find yourself with a little downtime in the weeks to come, here are a few new reads from mParticle that will go nicely with some eggnog by the fire.
How we improved performance and scalability by migrating to Apache Pulsar
We recently made a significant investment in the scalability and performance of our platform by adopting Apache Pulsar as the streaming engine that powers some of our core features. Thanks to the time and effort we spent on this project, our mission-critical services now rest on a more flexible, scalable, and reliable data pipeline. Read more.
Snowflake vs. Redshift: Which Data Warehouse Is Better for You?
Both of these leading cloud data warehouse providers meet the key business needs of most organizations. But under-the-hood differences like maintenance and DevOps requirements, security, and methods of processing unstructured data could make or break a data engineer’s experience of working with this core piece of infrastructure. Learn more about the technical differences between these two data warehouses. 
Say goodbye to vendor SDK bloat in 2023
Between tools for marketing, advertising, analytics (and the list goes on), maintaining third-party APIs in your code can add up to a ton of overhead work. mParticle offers a single access point for customer data, allowing you to say goodbye to these individual vendor SDKs in your apps and websites. We built this tool to help you see which web integrations you can replace by adopting mParticle. 
Here are some other items from the intertubes we found interesting:
What’s the big deal about Data Products?, by Willem Koenders
Modern or Not: What Is a Data Stack?, by Marie Lefevre
The Great "Data Model" Debate, by Madison Mae
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