mPulse Developer Digest November 2022

November 10, 2022

Welcome to the November issue of mParticle Developer Digest. Like honey balsamic Brussels sprouts roasting in the oven the day before Thanksgiving (meal prep FTW), we’ve been cooking up lots of tasty new developments and content over here at mParticle. Let’s get right to it.

Everything but the kitchen sync

Between our client SDKs and Events API, mParticle customers can already ingest data from a wide variety of places. But now, our catalog of inputs has expanded even further to include… drumroll please… data warehouses. Our new warehouse sync feature delivers the convenience of reverse-ETL, coupled with the power of a real-time CDP. 
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Creating a cross-functional data plan just got a whole lot easier

A data plan is a source of truth on what events and attributes to collect, and the structure and hierarchy that data should have when it enters your systems. Creating this document is easier said than done, however. The mParticle Data Plan Builder is a free and easy-to-use Google Sheet that provides predefined, industry-specific structures for a data plan, and helps teams overcome common hurdles when it comes to getting a data plan off the ground.
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The flexible identity framework you didn’t know you needed

When it comes to identity resolution, companies have two choices: building, or buying. The former approach requires engineers to build and maintain complex data pipelines. While the latter choice avoids this overhead, many vendors hide the process of building customer profiles in a black box. This blog post covers how mParticle relieves developers of demanding data pipeline maintenance, while delivering complete visibility into and control over how profiles are built. 
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New ways to understand in-app behavior with Apple iOS 16

With the latest updates to iOS and Xcode, Apple has introduced changes that give data teams new ways to uncover user behavior. For instance, you can enrich eCommerce events with new properties that StoreKit exposes, and use new HealthKit stats to uncover insights in the health and fitness space. This article dives into some specific use cases. 
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Data engineers at HBO Max reclaim their time after adopting mParticle

Data engineers at HBO Max used to have to write SQL queries and build audiences each time marketing wanted to run a new campaign. Now that the brand has adopted mParticle, the HBO Max marketing team is empowered to build audiences and set up campaigns themselves, allowing engineers to focus on more impactful work.
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Other items from the intertubes we found interesting this month:

What Is a Data Product Manager? An Example from a Role at Apple, by Eric Weber

The Evolution of The Data Engineer: A Look at The Past, Present & Future, by Thalia Barrera

Different Types Of "Data Engineering" Teams, by SeattleDataGuy

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