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Data Plan Builder

Take the pain out of data planning by getting started with this data plan template.

Data Plans align stakeholders across the organization around what data to collect and how to collect it. 

Many teams struggle to get started with data planning because:

  • They don’t know how to start defining events and attributes to collect
  • It’s difficult to align cross-functional stakeholders to a single process
  • It’s hard to define a data structure that will scale with your business needs

The mParticle Data Plan Builder gives you the structure and guidance you need to get started with data planning. You can select an industry template to get started with data events and attributes relevant to your industry, or the generic template to start with a clean slate.

Download today and take the first steps towards better customer data.

With the mParticle Data Plan Builder, we have a clearly defined system that will scale and has the guardrails to prevent data from getting messy.

Nic Byron

Head of Product at ivee

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