Connect Looker to Facebook

mParticle lets you seamlessly utilize Looker’s industry-leading analytics platform to ensure your Facebook ad campaigns are laser-focused on high-value customer segments.

Looker is an industry-leading business intelligence and analytics platform that helps world class brands reveal the true power of their data and bring clarity to every situation. Delivering powerful visualization tools as well as the ability to access deep and impactful insights from datasets, Looker is an ideal tool for enhancing the solutions you’re already using across your data stack. 

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with an estimated 2.7 billion users as of 2020. By making their diverse user base available for paid campaigns, Facebook Ads provide brands with a unique opportunity to engage with new audiences and remarket to existing customers.

Differing from traditional media systems, Facebook’s advertising environment is a closed ecosystem, meaning that the end-to-end advertising process (audience building, ad serving, ad hosting, and campaign reporting) is executed within the Facebook Ad platform. For this reason, the platform is often referred to as a “walled garden,” alongside Google, Amazon, and others. This introduces complications for multi-channel teams, as Facebook advertising initiatives can easily become isolated from the larger marketing strategy. To connect Facebook campaigns with the rest of their data pipeline (user engagement history, transactional records, etc.), leading growth teams need to be able to integrate insights from core business intelligence systems, such as Looker, to Facebook in real time. 

mParticle provides an interoperable data infrastructure that makes it simple to collect and connect customer data while managing data quality, identity, and governance. Learn more about how mParticle’s Looker Feed and Facebook integrations enable you to connect granular customer segments from Looker to Facebook, helping you execute strategic marketing campaigns across Facebook’s advertising network with greater efficiency.