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Collect customer data from your backend servers and unify it to single, high quality customer profiles. Forward data to all of your team's tools for activation while simplifying data governance.

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Unify your customer data

Ingest data S2S through API connections and cloud feeds and centralize it to a single customer database. Tie data to persistent customer profiles, enrich your customer data set, and protect data quality in a single system.

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Connect data to your all of your team’s tools

Allow non-technical users to forward high quality customer data to marketing and analytics tools such as Airship, Snowflake, and Localytics with point-and-click integrations. Enable marketing to access the data they need, where they need it, so that you can spend more time on core development.

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EU data localization

Choose which country or region your data is stored in to fulfill corporate policies and compliance requirements. Set up region-specific data access, region-specific data rules, automated data routing, and data isolation.

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Future-proof your data pipeline

Mobile user tracking can change with a single software update. The analytics tool your team is using can become ineffective overnight. By enabling you to collect user data from multiple sources, change where you’re sending your data, and test new tools more easily, mParticle helps you stay flexible even when the market changes around you.

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