Data Connections

Collect data with secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of your team’s tools and systems. Access customer data where you need it without the hassle of third-party code management.

“Using mParticle has allowed us to stay on track with our product roadmap. We no longer need to think about whether or not we have the engineers to implement a new vendor, we can now think more about choosing the right vendor.”

Head of Data Engineering


Build fully-managed, highly-available, secure data infrastructure.

  • Capture data from all of your platforms and data sources using 12 platform-specific SDKs or by using our Events API.

  • Forward your customer data from mParticle to leading marketing, analytics, and data warehousing solutions.

  • Manage your unique customer profiles and understand key milestones during the customer journey.

  • Use filters to control the flow of data to your outputs and solve for privacy regulations or control costs.

  • Organize your customer data with Workspaces. Some customers have multiple Workspaces, while others only have one depending on what works best for you. 

    Platform API
  • Programmatically update your mParticle inputs, outputs, filters, and beyond.

    Events API
  • HTTP-based API that can be used to supplement data collected via our SDKs.

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