Data Quality

Bad data leads to bad decisions. Improve your customer data quality and put good data to work.

Data Quality


Support teams across your organization with always-on data quality tools.

  • Identity matching and resolution to build a single user profile for all user activities.

    Rules and Transformations
  • Transform data at any stage of your customer data pipeline.

    User Aliasing API
  • Merge anonymous and known customer profiles programmatically while maintaining compliance.

  • Validates development time code against a data plan and highlights errors to ensure adherence

  • An easy way for developers to interface with the mParticle platform through the command-line instead of the user interface


Data Master

Organize, manage, and validate customer data before it’s shared with downstream systems.


Dictionary of all your customer data points.

Data plans

Collaborative, adaptable data schemas that define how your customer data is collected, managed, and validated.

Live stream

Real-time view of all data being collected and connected to external systems. Monitor any errors in real time with highlighted violations.

Block data

Stop unplanned events and attributes from being forwarded to external systems. Quarantine data for inspection, modification, and data replay.

Developer tools

Make it easier to manage data quality across your entire product and customer lifecycle.


Ensure proper event collection at run-time.

Data Planning API

Perform CRUD operations on your data plans.

Command Line Interface

Interface with Data Master tools using CLI.


Highlight errors in code as it’s written within your IDE.


Automate identity matching and resolution to build unified customer profiles.

Persistent identity records

Reference an accurate profile for each user.

Identity API

Log users on/off, search for and modify profiles.

Identity scope

Set data sharing parameters across workspaces and accounts.

Identity strategy & settings

Set priority order for matching user profiles by identity.

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