Data-driven personalization

Calculated Attributes

Quickly generate insights from events and event attributes without technical resources. Use those insights to create more granular customer segments and power personalized customer experiences.

What’s included?

    Event counts
  • Calculate the total number of times an event has occurred, like the number of logins in the last 30 days.

    Aggregate functions
  • Calculate sum, minimum, maximum, average, or median for an event attribute, like lifetime purchase value.

    Capture first occurrence
  • Calculate the first or last time an event has been seen, or the first/last value for an event attribute.

    User behavior lists
  • Calculate unique lists of values, unique counts of values, and most frequent values seen for an event attribute.

    Time-based calculations
  • Limit calculations to relevant business windows such as “Last X Days” or “Weeks,” or go as far back as your configured retention period.

    User profile enrichment
  • Enrich user profiles with computed fields that provide granular customer insights.

How calculated attributes helps

Power personalization with unique customer insights


Generate insights without code

Produce insights from your customer data by running calculations on event and user attributes. Create these insights in minutes without technical resources.


Drive personalized experiences

Use Calculated Attribute values to create more granular audiences. Connect audiences to your preferred engagement channels to power better personalized experiences.


Programmatically access individual customer insights

Leverage mParticle’s Profile API to drive 1-to-1 personalized experiences at scale and stream Calculated Attribute values to downstream engagement partners.

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