Data Governance


Honor requests from California residents to access, delete, and opt-out of sharing or selling their information. Learn how we can help your company become California Consumer Protection Act compliant.



What's included

    Monitor status of requests
  • Create, delete, and monitor data subject rights requests directly in the mParticle dashboard

    Easily identify affected user data
  • mParticle stores data against user profiles, each identified by an mParticle ID (MPID)

    Remove user data from mParticle
  • Delete all data directly stored by mParticle, such as historical event batches, audience data and profiles

    Send deletion requests
  • Automatically delete data in your managed data warehouse integrations

    Process data subject rights requests
  • Match user profiles for a data subject request based on any identities we are given or use the Identity API to identify the users you wish to include in the request and submit them directly.



Security is critical at mParticle and has been baked into our technology and culture from the start

Secure Customer Data

TLS encryption for data-in-transit and certificate pinning to prevent data from being intercepted.

Corporate Security

Our security team performs regular penetration tests to mitigate phishing attacks and build security into the culture of the company.

Secure Development Lifecycle

Security is built into checkpoints from initial developer design to code to build validation and deployment.

Breach Response & Recovery

We vow to uphold your trust by communicating critical information that could affect your data.