Enhance Personalization with AI

Integrate AI into personalization workflows across the customer lifecycle to boost conversions.

How the New York Post tripled campaign conversions for its premium sports membership

  • 7% increase in accuracy
  • 46% increase in audience size
  • 40% increase in subscription conversion

Employ a suite of predictions across the customer lifecycle

  • Acquisition and Onboarding

    Create lookalikes of your most successful users and target them in paid media campaigns. Suppress ad spend towards unlikely converters or abandoners.

  • Engagement

    Generate a list of recommended individual products, categories, articles, genres and more for every single user. Personalize onsite or channel experiences.

  • Upsell and Crossell

    Create conditional predictions about a user’s likelihood to purchase specific kinds of products, like if the user has used a coupon before or is subscribed to notifications.

  • Retention

    Understand each user’s churn risk score, but also predict and deliver the unique offer or experience that would most likely retain that user.

See how to predict a customer’s likelihood to churn

Increase targeting quality with Predictive Audiences

Combine the simplicity of reverse-ETL with the power of a real-time CDP toCreate AI-powered audiences based on conversion goals and only target users who are most likely to impact KPIs. Send AI-powered audiences to your favorite engagement tools. engage with your customers in the moments that matter. Protect data quality, privacy, and compliance while enriching customer context with predictive insights.

Automate journeys with Next-Best-Action

Send users along the highest converting journey with predictions about a user’s next-best-action or next-best-offer.  Increase conversions while maximizing campaign efficiency.

Build a more comprehensive Customer 360

Enrich customer profiles with a range of predictive attributes, like preferences, demographics, recommendations and more. Activate these attributes in your favorite tools.

Find more ideal customers with Lookalikes

Efficiently acquire more customers by having AI discover look-alikes. Target these audiences in your favorite ad platforms.

AI Within Reach

The marketer's guide to transforming the customer experience with machine learning

Ready to turn AI hype into reality for your team? Learn how you can begin incorporating AI into your workflows to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your personalization programs.

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