Data Quality

Data Master

Build a scalable, cohesive data strategy with adaptable data plans everyone can get behind. Create a pipeline of consistently clean, accessible data for all stakeholders and downstream systems with Data Master.


What’s included?

  • Centralized repository of all customer data points.

  • Collaborative, adaptable data schemas that define how your customer data is collected, managed, and validated.

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  • Monitor every facet of customer data in real time, including data source type, business terms, and errors with detailed data validation and schema violation statistics.

  • Data quality enforcement rules allow you to identify and address unexpected, incorrect, and unplanned data that doesn't conform to your data plan.

How data master helps

Stop bad data at the source

data master

Establish unified data conventions across teams

Create a shared understanding of how all your customer data points are collected, named, and processed. Review all data points collected in one place with a centralized data dictionary.

data master

Empower your teams with the data they need

Create a collaborative data plan that defines how your customer data is collected, managed, and validated. Adapt your data plans over time and track data plan evolution with a granular changelog.

data master

Validate your data pipeline

Identify and address unplanned and invalid data points that don’t conform to your Data Plans with data quality enforcement rules and validation reporting. Automatically validate the data your applications and digital properties are sending matches what you expect.