Data-Driven Personalization

Profile API for real time personalization

Use mParticle’s omnichannel user profiles to drive one-to-one personalization anywhere you can send an HTTPS request.

unified customer profile

Give each user a unique experience

Make in-app personalization easier

Profile API delivers customer insights directly to your app for real-time personalization, including customized search results, product recommendations, and UI components.

Personalize from users’ first visit

Bring together multiple approaches to personalization, starting with third-party data for first-visit, and building up to more sophisticated methods as you collect more first-party data.


Personalize real-life experiences in real time

Leverage digital data in-store

Send user insights to your point-of-sale system via an HTTPS request to create personalized experiences in your brick-and-mortar locations.

Provide support teams with better data, faster

Arm support staff with real-time information about your customers’ preferences and history during support calls.

Launch in-person campaigns

Identify at-risk and high-value customers as you communicate with them, and launch retention and upsell campaigns in person.

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