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Pricing is based on Monthly Tracked Users (MTU), data storage, and features selected.

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Standard features:

  • Track events from unlimited web or mobile apps

  • Send data to 250+ marketing and analytics tools

  • Manage data quality

  • Identity resolution

  • Data governance and privacy controls

Premium features:

  • Create Audience Segments

  • Calculate Custom Attributes

  • And more...

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Full list of features

Data Connections
Cross Platform SDK

React Native, Unity, AMP, Cordova, Xamarin


Alexa, XBox, Roku, Fire TV

Server SDK
Events API
250+ Integrations to Marketing and Analytics Tools

Listed here

Custom Webhook
Data Controls

Specify what data fields are ingested or forwarded

Forwarding Rules

Conditionally forward data based on profile attributes or other values

Data Warehouses
+ Premium Feature
Data Quality
Data Planning
Create Data Plans
Identify Violations
Block Data
Quarantine and Replay
SmartType and Linting

Enforce data schemas with type-safe code


Modify incoming and ongoing events using your own AWS Lambda functions

Data Governance
Consent and Privacy Management
Collect and Manage Consent Records
OneTrust Integration

Map user consent preferences to OneTrust Cookie Groups

Supress Data using Forwarding Rules
Forward Consent State to Partners
Data Subject Requests
Data Localization (NA, EU, AUS)
+ Premium Feature
Data Personalization
User Profile Management
Unify Customer Profiles
IDSync (Identity Resolution)
+ Premium Feature
Real-time Audiences

User Segmentation based on Real-Time Data

+ Premium Feature
Standard Audiences

User Segmentation based on Historical Lookbacks

+ Premium Feature
A/B Testing

Split audiences into randomly assigned testing groups

Included with Audiences

Avoid serving ads to existing users

Included with Audiences
LiveRamp Integration

Extend audiences to 550+ LiveRamp-powered integrations

Included with Audiences
Calculated Attributes

Compute custom user attributes that are continuously updated

+ Premium Feature
Profile API

Programatically query user profiles and audience memberships

+ Premium Feature
Platform Management
Activity Dashboard
System Alerts and Event Forwarding Log
Developer Tools
mParticle CLI
Platform API
Security & Compliance
Multi-factor Authentication
Single Sign-On
System Alerts and Event Forwarding Log
Compliance Certifications
SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27001:2013

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define a monthly user?

Our pricing is based upon the number of "Monthly Tracked Users" (MTU), defined as the number of users in month that generate at least 1 tracked event or receive 1 profile update. To get an estimate, add your total active (known) users to anonymous users.

How are add-ons priced?

Add-ons such as Audiences and Calculated Attributes are priced independently based on your volume usage. For more details, please contact us.

Why should I trust mParticle with my users and data?

At mParticle, the security of our platform and our customers’ data is of paramount importance. We are committed to providing the most secure Customer Data Platform (CDP) on the market.

For more information on the technical and procedural steps we take to secure the mParticle platform and your data, please take a look at our privacy policy or get in touch with us at

Are there any service limits?

mParticle imposes certain limits on incoming data to protect the performance of your apps. Our default service limits are documented here. Note, customers can contact us to request an increase for these limits.

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