Real-time customer data pipeline

Streamline your event collection — improving data quality, and governance. And easily sync data in real-time to any internal or external system


  • Too much vendor code

    A growing number of vendor SDK implementations means manual integration and heavy maintenance burden.

  • Garbage in, garbage out

    Disparate data streams with inconsistent formatting and business logic creates messy data and weak outcomes.

  • Increased privacy risk

    Fragmented data streams make it difficult to manage consent and increase the risk of privacy missteps.

Native SDKs and APIs

Connect customer data from anywhere, everywhere

Simplify integrations to your entire customer data stack with a single, secure SDK. Stream customer data instantly in real-time to any number of 300+ API partners across the martech and adtech ecosystems.

Data Master

Maintain data quality from the point of collection

Ensure data integrity and reliability by validating that all your data fits your desired data schema. Gain complete transparency and easily troubleshoot any issues as data moves through the pipeline. Transform data in flight to remediate any issues.

Data Privacy Controls

Improve customer data privacy and compliance

Improve data and privacy compliance with confidence by controlling when, how, and which data is shared across the data stack based on consent state. Service data subject requests in a single system, and forward DSR erasure requests to third-party systems.


  • Improved efficiency

    Decrease the time spent on integrations, and eliminate AppStore holding patterns freeing up the whole organization to move faster.

  • Easily A/B different analytics vendors

    Reduce and eliminate the cost of making the wrong choice of analytics vendor by easily running side-by-side bake-offs between multiple vendors.

  • Better data quality, better outcomes

    Teams can act quickly with confidence that their data is accurate and complete.

  • Data standardization

    Align the entire org with better data standards for better cross-functional collaboration internally.

“Now we can collect a lot of data without keeping up with technical debt across multiple platforms. mParticle allowed us to remove the burden of individual SDKs so we can invest more in our applications.”

Richard McNerny
Manager, Mobile Apps

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