Real-time personalization & targeting


Real-time personalization & targeting

Win in the moments that matter by orchestrating data flows and targeting rules in real-time across channels, and partners without engineering support or SQL required.


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    Channel and partner silos

    Walled gardens, retention marketing tools, and personalization tools that aren't connected create disjointed customer experiences.

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    Slow time to value

    Having to rely on other teams to access data and build audiences slows down campaign execution and inhibits business success.

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    Wasted money & opportunity

    Batch based systems miss the opportunities because they are too slow to help teams capitalize on opportunity when it presents itself.



Build Real-time custom audiences in a codeless UI

Easily build custom audiences without engineering support, or the need to write SQL. Connect these audience segments to your preferred engagement tools to orchestrate a unified set of experiences across channels.

Data silos


Create rich customer journeys

Break down data silos by unifying customer data from across sources and systems into holistic customer profiles. Fill gaps in your customer profiles and fuel predictive experiences.

AI insights


Scale your results with AI-powered insights & predictions

Set a goal and let our AI-powered insights show you how to get there. Take the right actions on customer data with predictive insights on each customer profile that inform how to preempt churn, improve return on ad spend, and more.


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    Maximize customer lifetime value

    Drive customers to conversion by delivering the right offers, in the right channels, at the right time.

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    Improve customer engagement

    Tailor experiences to each customers’ interests, and keep personalization up-to-date in real time as customers engage.

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    Launch campaigns faster

    Create audiences and journeys without engineering. Connect data to new channels in minutes, not months.

Burger King

Featured story

How Burger King powered its innovative Whopper Detour campaign

  • 300% increase in mobile order value
  • 40x improvement in coupon redemption rate
  • $15+ million in spend by customers who took part in campaign

Featured Story

How GOAT developed a real-time lifecycle marketing engine

  • 52% increase in marketing efficiency
  • 3.5% reduction ins marketing spend
  • 1000s of hours saved for data analytics team

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