Create a continuous 360º customer view


Create a continuous 360º customer view

Not all customer 360º views are the same—the best data is the freshest data. Ensure your customer profiles are always up to date in real-time with real-time and bi-directional unification capabilities to maximize your transformation initiatives.


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    Stale, disconnected data

    Stale data, and disconnected data limits optimization of the customer journey in the moments that matter.

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    Changing business needs

    The loss of 3rd party cookies, and the IDFA means teams need to adapt to a set of new realities.

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    Limited insights

    When data is not unified properly, teams cannot create the necessary insights to stay competitive.

AI Insights

Customer Profiles

Transform your business

Create persistent customer profiles that are continuously updating and syncing with internal and external systems. Address a cookieless future with ease and simplicity, and adapt your business to the needs of the future.

No data left behind

Flexible Identity resolution

No data gets left behind

Completely flexible identity resolution rules govern how cross-device engagement, and anonymous and known state transitions are merged to unified customer profiles, all based on your specific business needs. Data can persist as long as you want to address seasonal goals and campaigns.

Customer profiles

Long term profile retention

Customer profiles without limitations

While the best view of the customer is the most current one, there will be times when you need customer profiles to persist for long periods of time. With our solution, you combine the best of all worlds — the recency of real-time data, combined with the continuity of historical data to optimize seasonal initiatives such as Back to School, or Tune in campaigns.


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    More accurate analytics

    Understand where in the customer journey there is leverage or friction, with a more complete view of engagement.

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    Improved personalization

    Deliver individualized experiences that reflect all of your customers’ preferences in real time.

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    Align the org

    Empower the entire org from marketing to customer support to analysts and beyond with a standardized customer view.

Giant Eagle

Featured story

How Giant Eagle launched a multi-tier loyalty program with cross-channel personalization

  • 10% increase in perks participation rate
  • 3 million+ perks deployed in four-month period
  • 15% increase in revenue among customers engaging in loyalty program

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